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Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Happy new year everybody! There is some new stuff going on around here lately. First off, you may have noticed, we updated the theme here on our blog. It really is nothing fancy. It’s actually the default wordpress theme, called Kubrick, with a fun header I designed featuring our new logo, but I like it. Less is more, right? I’m also, excited that comments should now be working again. The last theme disabled comments for some reason and I was just never nerdy enough to figure out why. Somebody please comment on here so I know comments are working again.

Also new this year is our new store hosted by BigCartel. We’ll be updating our ol’ Etsy store with the same items for those of you that like to hang out over there. I’ll be posting different things in the stores real soon aside from tees, like drawings, zines, etc… eh, hopefully.

What I’m most excited about for this new year is my new art studio. It’s run by the fine folks at Okay Mountain. It’s right around the corner from home. I plan on being there daily, though this first week back from the long, laaaazy break was a little more demanding than I had hoped, stifling my chances to be studio bound daily. I did make it down there one evening to organize some materials, coat some panels, and draw these dudes.

sharpie and spray paint on yellow pages.

So far we’re off to a great start to a new year over here at casa Muñoz. Here’s a new year and lots of drawing, making, and loving.


FRIDAY ART: Bigote Brown

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

My buddy Randy Muñiz, who I’ve written about before, asked me if I wanted to make a skull for a mural project that he, and his friend James, are putting together at the Mexic-arte museum. I said, “sure” and then I drew this.


I was pleased with this drawing and proceeded to Ink it up and make it clean, but it was losing all it’s magic. I’ve mentioned before that I am a fan of pencil sketches over the finished black lined drawings. There is something so honest about pencil drawings. So, what I did was just blow up my sketch to 3 feet and painted right over the black and white copy. Here is what that looks like.


Here is a picture of my daughter standing next to Bigote Brown.


Bigote Brown will be wheatpasted on the side of the museum next to the skulls of 6 other artists. Come out to the Viva La Vida Fest, celebrating dia de los muertos, tomorrow in Downtown Austin to check it all out.

FRIDAY ART: Beardo Strange

Friday, July 17th, 2009

I recently created this dude. His name is Beardo Strange. I’m still developing him and he’ll probablly look stranger than this but for now, here is Beardo as a rough draft. Enjoy.

Lumber Pencil on cardboard.

New Hat

Friday, April 24th, 2009

I was looking around at a thrift store in Round Rock recently when I found a brand new Rusty hat for $4.

I really liked the hat but it had a big, obnoxious, rusty label on the side that I wasn’t thrilled about.

My initial plan was to cut the label out but I ended up leaving it and using the holes as fun MONster eyes.

Pink acrylic paint with black and brown sharpies.

Now I have a fun MONster trying to nibble at my ear, while whispering things that just don’t make sense all day long. 

Lombardi/Screamer December 4th in Austin

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

Hello gang, this Thursday night don’t miss the grand Christmas Expo Group Art Show at Gallery Lombardi from 7pm-10pm. Go and pick up some great artwork at discounted prices (once the work is purchased it goes home with the buyer). I have a couple pieces in the show that may look a little familiar.

Rice and Beans Personified

Reginald Skateboard

The exhibit runs through January 4th.

Also Thursday night is the release of Three (which I am also in). What is Three you ask? Here is Mason of The Screamer Company to explain it:

MASON – “The Screamer Company invites you to celebrate the launch of our newest publication – THREE. Come to our office First Thursday, December 4th, 6 – 10 PM to pick up your copy. Orf Brewing will be sponsoring the party and we’ll have live music and art for your enjoyment.”

And here I though three was just a number between two and four.

My Monsters

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Back on Halloween I had a couple pieces in both the Houston and Austin locations of Domy Books for their “Monster Show 3.”

Here are pictures of the four pieces in the show

and here we are the night of the opening. Giselle was a Private I, Chamila was Rosie the Riveter, and I actually didn’t dress up.

The shows run through December 5th. If you’re in Austin this weekend for the East Austin Studio Tour, be sure to swing by Domy, as they are on the tour, to check out all these scary creatures up close.

Here are more Austin monsters and here are more Houston monsters.

If you’re interested in purchasing a monster piece email

ACL recap

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

thank you to all of our favorite festival-goers who supported us this past weekend. i was overjoyed to see so many people pick up our goods. and what a thrill it was to see our shirts in the the massive crowd in the following days. we hope everyone made it back home safely and again thank you, thank you, thank you!! here are some of our newest friends. 

                                              check out their band fictionist and add them as a friend

                                                           check out hopper’s bbq restaurant 

                                        check out daniel johnston and his work and add him as a friend 

                                                                   napster, the porch fox

                                                                 check out maine root


                                                   check out stella and brian’s outstanding work

                                                             check out lillian bloom designs


baby reg

Monday, September 29th, 2008

looking dapper on his new brightly colored apparel for babies and kids.

Meet Blanko

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

I drew him up on the bus recently.

coming soon

Monday, August 11th, 2008