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Farewell… and hello there.

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Hello friends,

It has been almost a year since I last posted on here, I had a lot to figure out in that time and while It has been a wild ride, things have started falling into place quite nicely. In the past year my family life took a wild turn into an unknown dark place where we quickly moved on from as soon as we figured out a few things. Dark places are never fun but sometimes a visit to them is necessary to realize what you are missing in those warm, well-lit places. I am happy to say my wife, daughter, and I are doing great, stronger than ever and making up ridiculously silly songs almost daily.

Not only was my personal life suffering but so was my work. I was in a stale, unmotivated place in life where I was making almost nothing new, that I was stoked on, for long stretches at a time. So I quit my day job a couple months ago and started working out of my studio. I call it The Kevin Munoz Studio. Here I am able to make stuff for clients and for personal pleasure. I also get to practice shadow puppets for as long as I want without anybody telling me not to!

In other news, a few months ago, I dusted off my old 35mm SLR cameras and have started taking pictures of things, people, and places around me. I am addicted to shooting those beautiful old minolta cameras just as I was nearly 10 years ago before they became bookends. This town is filled with so many amazing people and things to take pictures of. I sometimes feel like a curator of a grand art show or exhibit that everybody/everything is a part of. To view a little bit of that show click here.

I have started a new blog which you can find on my new website and I will not be updating this blog any longer. I hope to make what it was initially supposed to be, a growing collaborative art project instead of my personal blog.

All in all, I don’t think I have ever been happier than I am right now. I learned a valuable lesson and that is that life can get really fucked up and the best thing to do is communicate with others, especially those close to you.

Thank you all for the support. Again, you can visit my new website here which the wonderful Renee Fernandez helped me set up. Also, feel free to email me, I’d love to hear from you.

Stay swell,
Kevin Muñoz

Jeremy Fish + Austin

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

Jeremy Fish is an amazing illustrator/artist that is currently on a mobile art tour he is calling “The Road Less Traveled.” About a week ago he came to Austin to make a 21-color screen print with my heroes, The Decoder Ring that pretty much took ONE WEEK. The print is finished and you can view and purchase it here. He also came to town to set up a one-night art show at Okay Moutain Gallery. That night is tonight. Don’t miss it.

On a super nerdy side note – Jeremy was recently at OKMT Studios and though I didn’t meet him, our vehicles got to spend some time together. How rad is that van!?!

the good shoppe presents

Monday, February 8th, 2010

a bite-sized blog about things i love. including awe-inspiring works of art, thrifty things around town, feats with my fetching family and more.

the good shoppe update

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

as most of you have noticed hasn’t been updated in a while. i will have new items in the shop for the month of january and all items will be available to purchase with FREE shipping for the entire month!

since the end of october, i have been a proud vendor at the new HOPE famers market on the eastside. for those of you who live in or around austin you can visit my booth every sunday at the HOPE famers market. i will have vintage clothing and foot ware for men, women, and kids along with home decor at fantabulous prices!

the HOPE farmers market is open every sunday from 11am-3pm.  this is no ordinary market. empower yoga offers free classes at 11am and 1pm . bring your own mug and pay $1 for coffee provided by cafe mundi.

taken from the HOPE famers market website–

The Sunday HOPE Farmers Market is a weekly community gathering space where local farmers, artisans, community groups, families, and urban consumers can find fresh foods, community programs, artistic creations, agricultural education and wellness workshops. This unique weekly gathering space will be a platform to introduce local artists and Austin residents to surrounding area farms, healthy lifestyle companies, education in the arts and local community volunteer programs.

HOPE Farmers Market is Located on the corner of E. 5th & Waller Street in the downtown area, the unique Pine Street Station is a convenient
and comfortable Sunday gathering space for artists & residents to connect with friends, fresh foods & local merchants and learn more about community programs Austin has to offer.

please check to see more amazingness from HOPE .

new works

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

new works

i finally gave myself the chance to make some new things!!

jumbo dinosaur crayons. recycled glass tile earrings and hairpins. yo-yo hair clips and rings. colored google eye earrings and hairpins with cutie cute lash lines. and feather hair pins.

whew. these should be up on our etsy very,very soon!!

still planning your weekend?!

Friday, July 17th, 2009

slk at wee

be sure to visit wee on 2nd street on saturday from 10am-12pm. our good friend, trish hurless, will be showcasing her new kid’s line sadie  loves kiki where she recycles textiles to create one-of-a-kind clothing for expressive toddlers with eco-conscious parents. trish is a master at reconstructing kid’s garments from vintage threads. take the kids to enjoy live music, kids activities, refreshments, and support your local designer. everything in the store will be 30% off. don’t forget to bring your friends!!

Banksy’s at it again

Friday, June 12th, 2009

Horses with Horns

Friday, May 8th, 2009

The girls and I were checking out some art the other day at Art House. Here is my favorite piece of the high school exhibit. I wish I’d noted the artists name.


We were getting ready to leave when we stumbled into the back room where we learned a band was going to be playing in a short matter of time. The band was called Horses with Horns. Chamila LOVED this group and I think it was because the singer was a young girl just a couple years older than she was and their songs were about unicorns, playing, and other things little girls are into. To be honest I loved them too. I guess that makes me a little girl.

Brother and sister.

Chamila, Giselle, and I have been working on songs and I think this show really inspired Chamila. Maybe we’ll play shows with Horses with Horns some day.

lights out, tonight at 8:30

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

turn out the lights tonight at 8:30. watch below to find out why.

for more info go to

an eye opener

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

have about twenty minutes?! please watch this short film to learn what actually goes on behind production, consumption, and beyond. there is so much we aren’t told as citizens. we were totally programmed to contribute to this viscious cycle. with this fresh take on it all, i anticipate that everyone take from this to lead a life that is thoughtful and compassionate about what/how/from who/where things are coming from and where they are going. thank you, alex, for bringing this to my attention!!


for more information visit