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FRIDAY ART: HOPE Farmers Market Poster

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Have you heard of HOPE? They’re awesome. They help other people EVERYWHERE! We (mostly Giselle because she’s AWESOME) have been tabling the new HOPE farmers market here in East Austin recently. It’s pretty awesome. Andi, who runs HOPE, asked me to be the very first artist to make a poster for their poster series. I agreed and started sketching ideas right away.


I liked a few of the ideas but I LOVED good ol’ Mon holding a flower, so I chose to develop that one further. This is the drawing I did on vellum.


I scanned that in and colored it up and the rest is my story.

HOPE Poster2.3

Come by the farmers market this sunday from 11am to 3pm to say hello and maybe get a poster.

New Hat

Friday, April 24th, 2009

I was looking around at a thrift store in Round Rock recently when I found a brand new Rusty hat for $4.

I really liked the hat but it had a big,¬†obnoxious, rusty label on the side that I wasn’t thrilled about.

My initial plan was to cut the label out but I ended up leaving it and using the holes as fun MONster eyes.

Pink acrylic paint with black and brown sharpies.

Now I have a fun MONster trying to nibble at my ear, while whispering things that just don’t make sense all day long.¬†