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Jeremy Fish + Austin

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

Jeremy Fish is an amazing illustrator/artist that is currently on a mobile art tour he is calling “The Road Less Traveled.” About a week ago he came to Austin to make a 21-color screen print with my heroes, The Decoder Ring that pretty much took ONE WEEK. The print is finished and you can view and purchase it here. He also came to town to set up a one-night art show at Okay Moutain Gallery. That night is tonight. Don’t miss it.

On a super nerdy side note – Jeremy was recently at OKMT Studios and though I didn’t meet him, our vehicles got to spend some time together. How rad is that van!?!

Weekend art show recap (late)

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

Last Saturday, June 28th, the family and I loaded up into the car and headed for East Austin where we were lucky enough to catch 2 great art shows. The first was at Okay Mountain where they were having a fund-raising event. There was a silent auction with a lot of good art up for grabs. Some art they were selling at very affordable prices, steals even. I was lucky enough to meet Michael Sieben and pick up one of many limited edition screen prints he and Nat Swope collaborated on recently. Sieben, an Austin artist, has quickly become one of my favorites. You can buy his work right here.

Heroes for ghosts.

Also we won a gift bag filled with random oddities. The strangest gift had to be the filter mask with the twin towers on the packaging. Kind of creepy. Also since moving from California about a year ago we’ve grown accustomed to sinking our beers into koozies (or “cozies”) before drinking them because Texas is hot, which makes you hot, which makes your beer hot, and koozies keep your beer cold. We actually won 3 total meaning Giselle and Chamila got one too. Chamila also won an origami set.

After hanging out a while and playing ping pong with chamila and the missus. We headed over to Pump Project. They were having a show called Size Matters. Every piece in the show measured 5×7 feet. There was some really good work here as well. The most impressive piece was by Zach McDonald. He too is an Austin artist and a super nice guy. I wish I had taken my camera because I don’t have a picture to post. However, you can see some of his work here.