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Friday, October 30th, 2009

Tomorrow is Halloween. This is very exciting news. It’s especially exciting news to my 3.5 year old daughter who is dressing up as ¬†Starlite, the magical flying horse, from the Rainbow Brite books she loves so much. She’s been talking for months about dressing up as Starlite and tomorrow her wish comes true.


Almost immediately after she decided she would dress up as Starlite she started telling Giselle that she could dress up as Lala Orange and that I should be Buddy Blue. These are 2 of the other characters in the Rainbow Brite books that she loves so much. They are part of the Colored Kids gang. Sounds pretty controversial, right? It’s pretty innocent, I think. Here is what the Colored Kids look like, with Lala and Buddy circled.


Last year for halloween I looked like I was ready to hit up the gay clubs and this year shouldn’t be any different. Giselle will probably look very beautiful, as usual.


She’s going to love me for posting that.

Oh one last thing, tomorrow night at Domy Books I will be showing a couple drawings for their annual Monster Show. Daily Juice will be there providing delicious potent punches. Mmmmmm. You should make it a point to stop by to see all the spooky monsters that will be on the walls. Here is what my drawings will look like tomorrow night, though they should have less-to-no grass behind them.

Mobile Photo Oct 28, 2009 9 46 04 PM

FRIDAY ART (late): Wade Bowen Tee

Monday, July 13th, 2009

My favorite things to draw and paint are silly colors and bright characters. I can doodle fun stuff all day long but unfortunately I don’t get paid to do that, or at least not yet ;) So my 9-5 is at a screen print shop called East End Ink. My duties include creating and recreating t-shirt and vehicle graphics, proofing artwork, color separating files, etc. Not always the fun-nest work but it pays the bills. We print all types of artwork for schools, organizations, bands, and my favorite… fraternities and sororities… they always know what they want.

So recently an order came across my desk to create some Affliction styled artwork for Texas Country Music singer Wade Bowen using just one color and including a guitar and some crosses. I used to freak out with orders like this but I’ve realized that with the right research and enough vellum I can tackle just about any request.

Behold the Wade Bowen Guitar and Crosses graphic mocked up on a V-neck. Doesn’t it just make you want to jump in the octagon and beat people up and stuff like that?