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FRIDAY ART: HOPE Farmers Market Poster

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Have you heard of HOPE? They’re awesome. They help other people EVERYWHERE! We (mostly Giselle because she’s AWESOME) have been tabling the new HOPE farmers market here in East Austin recently. It’s pretty awesome. Andi, who runs HOPE, asked me to be the very first artist to make a poster for their poster series. I agreed and started sketching ideas right away.


I liked a few of the ideas but I LOVED good ol’ Mon holding a flower, so I chose to develop that one further. This is the drawing I did on vellum.


I scanned that in and colored it up and the rest is my story.

HOPE Poster2.3

Come by the farmers market this sunday from 11am to 3pm to say hello and maybe get a poster.

Nakatomi Invitational

Monday, January 12th, 2009

I was asked by Tim Doyle, one of the fine people at the new and ultra cool Nakatomi Inc., if I would be one of three artists to help launch the Nakatomi Invitational. This would include a signed and numbered screen print limited to 250 copies and t-shirt available to the public. I of course answered yes and then proceeded to freak out like a geeky nerd boy about being able to be a part of a project that includes artists of such high caliber. The other two dudes kicking this thing off go by Daniel Danger and Todd Slater. Here are more artists you can expect to see in this Invitational in the future:

Tyler Stout
Mark Todd
Jon Vermilyea
Paul Pope
Rob Jones
Jermaine Rogers

This is an image I did a couple years ago that Tim saw and believed in enough to want to include into his project.


Thank you to Rob Jones and Tim Doyle who were awesome enough to help a brutha out. You guys rule! You can learn more about the Nakatomi Invitational here and you can buy a set or two or three here.