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FRIDAY ART: Get swell mon

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Hi there. It’s been a little while. My family recently went to California so that is giving me a lot of “me” time. After uncontrollable weeping for the first few days I have managed to stop my waterworks and make a few things. Here is a new graphic I conjured up to try to get people to not have such a shitty time here on earth.

Here is another drawing I made recently. Actually, I made it this morning at about 4am with my good ol’ lumber crayon.

Also, Giselle set up a small mini store within the new and improved Moxie on East 11th Street. The grand opening is tomorrow from 11am to 6pm. Make sure to check it out.

Also, tonight at Industry Print Shop the amazing Jared Connor of Mexican Chocolate will have a poster show/live printing event. You all should go to that.

Let’s see what else…. Oh yes, I miss this little creature so, SO bad.

Have a great weekend and stay swell my friends.

the good shoppe

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

is on it’s way. i will be revealing some very fun vintage items in the coming weeks, stay tuned!!

online vintage shoppe coming soon

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

for the past 15 years i have been enamored with the things of the past. design, art, books, people, philosophies, fashion, decor, architecture, furniture, cartoons, film, toys, music, product packaging, you name it. i deeply admire how everything was so sleek and simple yet so abundant. resources were constructed with utmost quality and vibrancy before the days of outsourcing.

as a consequence to loving these fine crafted items before my time, i continue  to come home with these one of a kind finds on a very regular basis. to resist these gems seems very unnatural to me. i feel that somehow i need to be apart of  these beauties lives to continue the love they once had. to continue their story in a completely different setting than where and how these  treasures lived before. i even fantasize about how their early lives were lived and with whom, where and when exactly.

in my years of collecting such goods i have had enough to fill up all the houses on my street. it is now (next month, exactly) that i share these valuables with you. my treasures range from paper goods to shoes, accessories for the home and body, and everything in between. most notably, the shoppe will feature choice clothing, books and toys for children. 

following the launch of the shoppe i will also provide services as a personal shopper/stylist specializing in vintage finds for those of you that would like to add some va va voom to your wardrobe and your surroundings. 

much more information will be available soon. if you have any questions before that, please send them my way. until then.